Animals of the Bible

As opportunity arises, articles will be added discussing the animals mentioned in the Bible.

Sermons by T. De Witt Talmage (1832-1902)

Talmage was a popular preacher in the late 1800s, being an enthusiastic communicator of the Gospel. While his beliefs would not be exactly compatible to modern young earth creationism, he was opposed to Darwinian philosophies and to the evolutionary principle of common descent. (For a discussion of why so many nineteenth century churches fell under the compromise of old-earth theologies, see Mortenson's The Great Turning Point.) He also was on track in recognizing that Leviathan was most likely a creature from the fossil record, and even suggests that the Great Fish that swallowed Jonah was in that category. His sermons are worth consideration, as he shows examples from nature that point to the majesty of a Creator who deserves our worship.

Wood's Bible Animals

In the nineteenth century, Rev. J. G. Wood published Bible Animals, with editions in the UK and US. While some of the entries are problematical in light of current creation biology, he did present some interesting notes on natural history and how this related to interpreting certain Biblical passages. We know, for example, that several animals mentioned in the Bible are not identifiable with any certainty, and that only a "best guess" is available. Wood's suggestions, and notes on controversial areas, are worth examining. Presented here are several entries, reprinted from a US edition, 1875 (Philadelphia: Bradley, Garretson & Co.).